Innovative solar modules for greenhouses

Voltiris modules combine spectrum filtering for agricultural productivity with photovoltaic performance. No matter what you are cultivating.


1. light

Light goes through the glass of the greenhouse

2. dichroic mirrors

A system of dichroic mirrors part of the Voltiris solution lets through the light components needed by the plants for photosynthesis (PAR Light)

3. Filtration

The ‘unused’ part of the spectrum is filtered out and captured by solar panels

4. Renewable energy

As a result, renewable energy is produced without affecting crop growth

5. Benefit

The Energy is used to cover the greenhouse needs or sold to the grid

No impact on crop growth

Voltiris modules provide 100% of the light required by crops while not reducing agricultural productivity.

self-consume the electricity

Solar tracking for improved overlap between production and use

A sound investment

Panels provide high photovoltaic output, with a business case comparable to conventional solar panels

No additional permits

A simple and quick installation within your greenhouse

works with your greenhouse

Our modules are compatible with most greenhouse equipment, such as screens


Modules are mounted on steel structures above your crops and require little to no maintenance

The science behind voltiris

Daily PV output on par with standard PV

Peak power at 65% of traditional solar cells

  • 50% solar irradiance used by plants for photo-synthesis, 50% used for generating electricity.


  • With 50% irradiance (green + NIR), get 65% of a mono-Si solar cell, thanks to spectral efficiency curve

Our technology is patent protected

Device and method for sunlight-based power generation

  • Filed 2021 / 07 / Europe
  • Protects the key to an efficient power generation using dichroic mirrors

Method for solar tracking

  • Filed 2022 / 02 / Europe
  • Protects sun-tracking system optimised for under-roof use,
    resulting in a light and cost-effective structure
  • Saves on energy costs

Learn more about the science behind Voltiris

We have prepared a white-paper that goes into more detail about the key aspects of our product

Traditional vs Voltiris greenhousing

The tradtional farmer

Sourcing its energy from gas, which is expensive and hard to budget

Installing additional solar panels is difficult, costly and requires jumping through bureaucratic hoops

Solar panels negatively affect the crop growth and hinder production due to the shading they create

Is it worth the investment if the energy output of panel will not “pay for itself”

The Voltiris Advantage

Independence in energy consumption and increasing return on investment

Tailor-made solutions ensure that you won’t require additional permits for operation

Plants don’t require all the sun’s spectral components (i.e. colours) to grow. We take advantage of this to provide a double barreled solution

High output that lets you cover your energy consumption

with you every step of the way

You’re in safe hands

We are dedicated to helping greenhouse farmers increase profitability whilst becoming energy independent.

That’s why we dedicate ourselves to fully support you throughout your journey. From consultation, through purchase, up until post installation maintenance – you can count on us.

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