About Voltiris

Voltiris is a Lausanne-based startup that enables the energy transition of greenhouses by developing and marketing color-optimized solar modules compatible with agriculture, specifically with glass greenhouses. It allows greenhouse owners to transform their greenhouses into renewable powerplants to efficiently control their energy costs and improve the viability and sustainability of their operations.

The innovative Voltiris modules allow a double use of agricultural land by producing electricity without reducing the yield of crops placed underneath. Indeed, Voltiris modules filter the light field to transmit the light waves necessary for crop growth. The rest of light is used to generate electricity. With the renewable energy produced, greenhouse owners require less external gas and electricity. They can also significantly reduce their carbon footprint and operational costs.

Voltiris has been incorporated as a Swiss legal entity in Lausanne (VD), Switzerland, in February 2022.

Our team

Voltiris was founded by a team of 3 motivated and environmentally conscious young entrepreneurs with a shared passion for eco-friendly technology.

Nicolas Weber – CEO


Dominik Blaser - Chief Systems Officer

The direction that unites us

We envision a possible overlap of high-yield agriculture, clean energy generation, and biodiversity protection. We aim to enable the co-sharing of arable land with clean power generation, while keeping the agricultural yield high.

What drives our work

Our mission is to be the #1 provider of solutions for greenhouse owners to produce electricity and reduce their carbon footprint without decreasing their agricultural yield.