Enabling the energy
transition of greenhouses

Leverage large scale of your greenhouse
to combine energy and crop production
and produce your own electricity

Voltiris solar modules allow a double use of agricultural land by producing electricity without reducing the yield of greenhouse crops placed underneath the modules. ​Greenhouse owners can therefore fully leverage the surface of their greenhouses without having to worry about the yield of their crops.

Gain in energetic independence

Cover 60-100% of needs with own production (e.g., 4.3 GWh annually for 5ha greenhouse)


Self-consumption to reduce costs or sell to the grid to increase revenues and improve profits

CO2 emissions

Contribution to sustainability agenda by reducing CO2 emissions by up to 55%

Innovative color-optimized
solar modules compatible with crops

Voltiris modules transmit 100% of the light crops need, with no decrease in agricultural yield.

No impact
on crops' growth

Spectral filtering adapted to your crops

Electricity when
you need it

Solar tracking for improved overlap between production and use


Allowed by high photovoltaic output, with a business case similar to regular solar panels

No authorization

Simplified installation inside your greenhouse

with your greenhouse

Compatible with other greenhouse equipment such as screens

Easy to install
and maintain

Modules are installed on steel structures above your crops and require minimum maintenance

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