Introducing innovative
solar modules for agriculture

Voltiris modules offer spectral filtering specific to crop production, combined with photovoltaic performance.

Crops receive the light wavelengths they require to grow (i.e. red and blue), while the rest (i.e. green and NIR) is filtered and concentrated for electricity generation.

Modules can be adapted to the specificities of any crop type: tomatoes, cucumbers, flowers, fruits, etc.

Technology protected by 2 patents
to allow for efficient & low-cost energy generation

EFFICIENCY: Daily PV output at par with standard PV

Our inspiration comes from
photosynthesis needs and the study of wavelengths

Plants need light for growth.
Light is crucial for photosynthesis, which is necessary for plants’ growth.
Light is also necessary for phototropism (reorientation of shoots) and photoperiodism (flowering).

​It is well known from greenhouses or indoor farming artificial lightning that plants do not require all the sun’s spectral components (i.e. colors) to grow well. For instance most plants are green, as they reflect green light, while absorbing red and blue light.